Functional Ceramic Art

Located in Eastown, Grand Rapids, Michigan. White Feather Studo produces fine ceramic art, functional and beautiful, thematic, but each piece with its own original character. WFS products can be purchased at selected shows, at openhouse events at the studio, or ordered directly from the studio.  

Contact White Feather Studio for special designs, one-of-a-kind pieces, and custom orders.  We offer unique, personalized design services perfect for special  family, community, or business events.

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Sally Jenks

          has worked with clay regularly since 2003. As a student she focused on ceramic art and refined her skills as a functional and sculptural artist, graduating from Aquinas College in 2010 with a B.A. in Studio Art.  She continued her education at Syracuse University, where she completed an M.A. in Museum Studies, and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Cultural Heritage Preservation.


 My work generally falls into two categories – the primarily functional and the primarily artistic.  One often informs the other, as each presents its own set of challenges. The majority of my work is functional because many functional forms present unique qualities – size, shape, design – within the context of their use and purpose.  I enjoy the idea that something handmade might find a place in someone’s life, perhaps daily, as a piece of utilitarian art.


Artistically, my work is mainly informed by texture, whether natural or manmade.  The exploration of visual and physical texture, and the process of creation is what prompts my purely artistic, non-functional work.  However, process drives all of my work, whether functional or purely artistic.  For me, clay presents the opportunity to explore deeply a specific form and the variations possible within that form.  Experiments with functionality, form, proportion, surface texture, and color reveal the potential for great variety within a fairly narrow focus.


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